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Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 is looking to be a great year for motor vehicle dealers.

According to Black Book data, the average price for the average used vehicle for model years 2009-2013 fell 12.1% in 2014.  A much smaller decline than the 12.8% for 2013 and less than Black Book’s prediction of 13.5%.  For the year, domestic trucks finished with the lowest depreciation at 9.1%, while domestic cars topped out at 15.9% depreciation.

“The used-vehicle market finished another solid year,” said Manheim Chief Economist Tom Webb. “Consumers continue to see great value in purchasing used vehicles, even at higher price points. Dealers continue to see used vehicles as an important and profitable part of their business.”

2015 is looking to be an even better year for sales of used cars and trucks.  Before going into the business of selling cars, check with your state for their requirements.  Most states have an extensive list of things you must obtain before you can open your doors to the public.  Things like site approval, business license, dealer courses, insurance and surety bonds are just the basic, but mandatory requirements in most states.

There are many costs with opening a business that are set in stone.  Business license and dealer license are just a couple.  Things like insurance and surety bonds can be shopped to find a competitive price.  Finding the best price for these means you might have to do some extra work to find a company like Ashton Agency.  Ashton Agency does the work for you and gets you the lowest price from multiple markets.  Let Ashton Agency’s 40 plus years of experience help save you time and money.

Please visit Ashton Agency’s website at or call (800) 451-4854 (East Coast) or (800) 452-2663 (West Coast) to obtain your MVD bond and garage insurance.