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Monday, May 12, 2014

Benefits of Getting a Telemarketing Bond

Are you currently establishing a telemarketing firm or call center? As with any business, you will need the proper requirements and licenses before legally operating this business, including a surety bond.

Telemarketing professionals are required by the State of Florida to obtain their Telemarketing Bond to be in compliance with the Florida Statutes 501.601-501.626.

Here are some benefits of obtaining your telemarketing surety bond:

Obtaining a surety bond instills the integrity of your contract and agreement between you and your customers.

The Florida Telemarketing Act requires that telemarketing businesses acquire the $50,000 Telemarketer Bond to protect consumers who get injured as a result of the company's negligence or poor financial practices.

Acquiring the Telemarketer Bond builds trust between you and your clients. Bonded telemarketing businesses assures both consumers and the government that you will comply with industry rules and regulations.

Surety bond requirements vary within each local and state law. It's important to find out which surety bond form you need and how much coverage you must purchase. Failing to obtain the correct bond may result in penalty fines, risk of losing license and legal action.

Are you looking to get your Florida Telemarketing Bond? We can help you today!

Call us at (800) 451-4854 to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives to get started on your bond. You can also visit our website at fill out one of our easy-to-use online applications!

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