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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shopping for an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

Shopping for a new ATV? For first-timers, it can be difficult finding the right vehicle in good condition for a great price. We've helped layout a quick guideline for ATV buyers. Some dealers can be extremely helpful, while others are looking to only close the sale.

Take a look at some steps you should take before pulling out your wallet.

Know Your ATV
As with any big purchases, you need to do your research and homework. There may be several brands, types and background information you must know before taking on an ATV dealer. Bring a friend or someone knowledgeable in ATVs and products.

Be sure to look closely into the engine, frame, mounts, chains, and other parts. A common problem that can cause engine failure is low oil or coolant. Check to ensure all fluids are at the proper level to avoid any damages. Use a flashlight to inspect for any signs of rust, cracks, wear and tear, and leaks.

Adjust Your Ride
Sit on your ATV and get comfortable with your ride. Adjust the handlebars to your liking, as well as the clutch levers, brake levers, foot shifter and the controls. Turn on the engine and listen to it (experience needed). Check all the lights--headlights, taillights, signal lights. It’s important you understand where all the controls and functions are when you’re riding.

Ride It!
No matter how many times you sit on the ATV and steer, it is NOT the same as driving and operating the vehicle. Take the ATV out for a ride! It may turn out to be a vehicle that does not drive the way you imagined; or it could be the perfect ATV.

After you decide on an ATV that you like, keep in mind of the price tag. Is it affordable within your budget? ATV Dealers usually have years of experience and may not lower their prices unless you can come to terms of agreement. If you’re shopping for a used ATV, you will need to make sure the price reflects the proper value, in terms of mileage, year, condition, etc.

Buying a new or used ATV can be a big commitment. It's important you are satisfied with your purchase. ATV Dealers also look for ways to help enhance their clients' shopping and riding experience.

However, there are times when contracts and agreements have been broken between the seller and buyer. ATV Dealers, a surety bond could protect your clients from any financial losses as a result of poor financial decisions, damages, unethical decisions, or a failure to follow state and local laws on the part of you. Obtaining an ATV Dealer Bond will help your customers perceive you as a trusted Principal that will stand behind your business decisions.

For a free quote on an ATV Dealer Bond, visit our website at or call (800) 452-2663 to speak with one of our helpful customer service representatives to assist you on your bond today!


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