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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Boost SEO for Your Used Car Lot

Before the digital era, newspaper postings and traditional print was enough to get exposure for your used car lot. Not anymore. Used Motor Vehicle Dealers do not have the luxury of corporate backing in their marketing and promotions.

In today's online world, digital marketing is a must for almost any business. What is SEO? SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization that businesses are constantly trying to improve. Why SEO? Improving your online presence is not to just simply be on the Internet. Being ranked high on search pages such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more can make or break your business. Sure, you can have paid ads that will push your website up to the top, but 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads. Readers want organic links, which is generated through SEO and quality content.

We want to help you boost your used car lot and company's SEO. Here are some simple and easy tips to improving your Google search page ranking and online presence.

1) Content Is King

Getting readers and future clients to your website is the first step. The next step is retention. You want to have your readers come back to your site rather than a one-stop click. Simply, your website needs to have information that readers will either benefit them or interest them to read it. Blogs are a great way to keep your readers interested on new and fresh content. It's also a great way to create "How To's" for reading pleasure. For example, we wrote on How To Obtain A FL Motor Vehicle Dealer License, and is still one of our most clicked on article posts. Used car shoppers usually have many questions--your website may be able to address them and, as a result, be the shop they choose to shop with.

2) Use Strategic Keyword Phrases

When you search something on Google, do you usually type 1-2 words or a phrase of what you're looking for? Like most people, you probably type phrases and bunch multiple keywords. Make your website as descriptive as possible without over-flooding duplicate words. Create effective title tags that incorporate your target keywords. For example, on blog posts, use strategic titles with keywords on the URL links.

3) Connect Via Social Media

Social media has dominated online communications for the past several years with the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and various outlets. These social sites are a great way to connect to your customers on a personal level. Allow your clients to see some personality in your business rather than an advertisement robot. Social media is also a great way to share your content, blog posts and promotions, which creates traffic to your website.

4) Use Backlinks on Posts

Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, and inward links, are hyperlinks to another website or web page. Allow your readers to navigate easily through content they want to know. For example, if you want to provide information on the current used car industry and economic trends, notice how the previous phrase has been hyperlinked for an easy direct connect to information on how to renew.

5) Have a Well-Designed Layout

In terms of ranking, well structured and organized pages tend to be favored over poorly designed pages. Web pages with an appealing layout are preferred and become more popular over time. SEO will recognize the pages users return to. Cater your used car lot page with easily accessible information along with great pictures of cars and inventory. Liven up your website rather than drowning it with words and texts.

6) Reviews and Testimonials

Ask your clients and satisfied customers to leave a positive review on third party sites such as Yelp, Merchant Circle or other respected review pages. A fantastic way to improve your SEO is when your business has numerous positive (as well as negative) reviews. Also request testimonials from loyal customers and strong influences. Shoppers will search for a used car lot that is well known and has strong approval ratings.

7) Create Promotions and Contests

People always love winning free things, no matter how big or small. Social media is a great way to promote the contest and gain followers. Post announcements on how to win or enter a chance to play. Creating excitement will separate you from your competition. Be sure to publish on your website as well for additional information.

8) Participate in Other Websites/Forums

Staying in one spot will never get your name out there. Network with other auto dealers and professionals in the auto industry. Join used car forums and exchange strategies and ideas. Some forums allow you to post your website which will generate traffic. It's another great way to share stories and tips on raising your SEO. Although some readers will be auto dealers, there may also be car shoppers who stumble upon your website, creating leads and potential sales.

Improving your company's SEO takes constant mangement. Setting up a website and putting a few social media posts will not generate traffic for your used car lot. Blogging weekly (even daily), engaging potentials on social media, posting daily and all the above are important for SEO.

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