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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

California Yacht Broker

Being a yacht broker can be a very rewarding, lucrative profession. For those who prefer a marine lifestyle, rather than sitting in an office, this may be the career for you! Let’s get to the basic steps of becoming a successful yacht broker.

Getting Licensed

Depending on the state, you may be required to obtain a yacht broker’s license, which may require items such as a background check, financial information, and other qualifications. Your particular state, as part of the licensing process, may require that you also obtain a surety bond to protect yourself and your clients financially. Check with your state to ask for requirements for licensing. Also, be sure to renew your licenses and bonds before they expire. In some states the license runs 2 years, some states just one year.  States like California currently require applicants for the yacht broker license to pass an exam before they can become licensed.  Florida requires a yacht broker to first be licensed as a yacht salesman for two years.

Never Stop Learning

Before you become a broker, it would be very helpful if you have had sales experience as a seller for another broker. Being a great salesperson is extremely crucial but constantly learning is what separates you from the competition. Networking with other yacht brokers or professionals in similar businesses can provide another beneficial aspect. Also consider taking classes that specialize in the field of boating, marketing and other business-related courses.

Starting up a yacht broker business can be difficult, but with extensive research, effective strategies, strong business ethics, and passion, being a yacht broker could be a dream career.

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