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Monday, February 15, 2016

Oregon Landscape Contractor Bond

Newly passed Senate Bill 580 creates a new bond tier for Oregon Landscape Contractors.  The maximum bond amount was previously set at $15,000 and was required of any applicant who charged $25,000 or more for a job.  The new legislation keeps the $15,000 amount in effect, however, it is insufficient to cover jobs in which the contractor charges $50,000 or more.  They must now provide the LCB with a $20,000 Surety Bond.

The term “landscape contractor” seems to imply tasks such as mowing and edging, but the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board actually has a specific list of work a person or business may engage in that would require them to obtain a license as a landscape contractor.
  • Plan or install new plantings or create new planting areas
  • Install or repair irrigation systems or maintain irrigation systems with the use of compressed air
  • Plan, install, maintain, or repair arbors, decks, patios, driveways, fences, retaining walls, walkways, concrete landscape edging or ornamental water features
  • Install, maintain or repair drainage systems and ornamental water features
Before being able to legally engage in any of the work listed above, individuals must first obtain their license, bond and insurance.

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