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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Motor Vehicle Dealer Overview

In this post you’ll find a general overview of dealer bonds, also known as MVD bonds & license bonds.  For specific information on what type of bond and documentation you'll need to submit to satisfy the surety bond requirement of your dealership licensing process, please contact the appropriate motor vehicle agency in your state.

Auto dealers, used, new, and wholesalers in most states must file a surety bond with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles before they can receive their dealer license.  Surety bonds are designed to protect the customers of the auto dealer.  A surety bond will help ensure that your dealership will follow the rules and regulations in the state where the dealership is located.

Typically, dealers obtain their motor vehicle dealer bond by applying with a surety bond company.  As part of the application process the dealer will fill out an application and agree to a credit check and may have to submit financial documentation, so that the bond company can be sure they are credit worthy and financially stable. 

Credit challenged clients may have a harder time acquiring a bond.  Some bond companies will not even help the dealer.  At Ashton Agency we are able to help almost all credit situations.  We have many programs available to help the clients with less than perfect credit.  Ashton Agency has been helping dealers all across the US get bonded quickly and easily for over 40 years.

Call (800) 452-2663 / (800) 451-4854 to speak with one of our bond specialist, or visit our website at

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