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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Miscellaneous Auto Related Bonds

There are quite a few auto related bonds separate from auto dealership bonds.  These are required bonds by businesses for repairing autos, sales of auto parts, auto dismantlers, auto parts recyclers, designated agents, vehicle inspection businesses, etc.  All of these bonds are regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles in individual states.

Some of these are akin to what we would call “auto junk yards”, whose businesses provide a valuable service as a secondary market for used auto parts and to do-it-yourself workers who repair autos and can bypass the retail auto parts store and find parts less expensively at a recycler.

Designated Agents, after being certified by their states "licensed and bonded", can handle auto title paperwork for their various states.

Others, such as VIN inspection stations, verify vehicle inspection numbers for possible tampering or theft.

A sample of some actual bonds required are:

  • Dismantler and Parts Recycler bond in Alabama
  • Auto Repairers/Rebuilders bond in Connecticut, Oklahoma and Utah
  • Designated Agent bond in Alabama
  • Motor Vehicle Inspection Station bond in Louisiana
  • Auto Salvage bond in Florida
  • VIN (Vehicle Inspection Number) bond in California and New Mexico.

Check with your individual states’ MVD agency for more state specific information.

If your business has need for any of these miscellaneous bonds, we here at the Ashton Agency can help! We have been selling bonds for over 45 years throughout the country.

Call (800) 451-4854 (East Coast) or (800) 452-2663 (West Coast) for assistance with one of our friendly customer service representatives or visit our website at for your bond at the best rates!

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